Carmel was once a mecca for artists, writers, and intellectuals. This is the picturesque village where Robinson Jeffers, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack London and George Sterling lived and worked. Carmel has a spectacular beach and a busy luxury/gourmet shopping area. Unusual stores include Wings America (aviation specialty), Sun Country Kaleidoscopes, and the Mole Hole (art glass). There are several interesting art galleries, such as the Bleich Gallery of Impressionism, the well-known Galerie Blue Dog, the Mary Titus Gallery, the Gallerie Amsterdam, the Thomas Kinkade Gallery, and the Rosamond Gallery.

Sights of Carmel

Art galleries
Carmel Mission
Carmel Valley
Forest Theater
Mission Ranch
Robinson Jeffers, author
Rock climbing
Rowntree Native Plant Garden

9 Reasons to love Carmel
1. Buildings have no address numbers
2. No parking meters
3. No fast-food restaurants
4. No neon allowed
5. No billboards or large commercial signs
6. Very little street lighting
7. No businesses allowed within one half-mile of the beach
8. Bikinis not allowed in the business district
9. Clint Eastwood is the mayor (since 1986)